Bio-Profile of Mr.Inder Kumar Gujral - Former Prime Minister of India.
Bio-Profile of Mrs.Shiela Gujral
Excerpts from the book"A Foreign Policy for India"
    • Retrospective and Prospects
    • Enlightened Globalism
    • Continuity and Change within the Global Scenario
    • Defence and Security in the post-Cold War Scenario
    • India and South Africa: Blueprint for the Future
    • India and the US: Start of a New Friendship
    • India and Nepal: Common Endeavours
    • India and Sri Lanka: Shared Destiny
    • SAARC: A Holistic Vision
    • The United Nations: Agenda for Reform
    • The United Nations: At a Crossroads
    • Globalisation and Developing Countries

Selected speeches

  1. "Foreign Policy Objectives of India’s United Front Government" – Address at Chatham House, London, on 23rd September 1996;
  2. "India-Bangladesh CPR-CPD Dialogue on Political and Security Issues" Lecture at Dhaka, Bangladesh on 30th June 1998.
  3. "Vision of India in the New Millennium" - Lecture at Paris, France, under the Auspices of Maison Del’ Homme Des Science on 25th September 1998;
  4. Key-Note address at Economists Allied for Arms Reduction [ECAAR] Symposium at U.N.University, Tokyo, Japan on 27th October 1998;
  5. "Sustainable Economic Development for Peace and Security" – Address at the UNDP Regional Millennium Meeting at Seoul, Korea, on 30th October 1998;
  6. "India and Asia in the New Millennium" - Lecture at the Seoul National University, Korea, on 31st October 1998;
  7. "Poverty and Human Rights" - Statement at the Symposium to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights at Lille, France on 14th November 1998;
  8. "The Right to Education in the Third Millennium" - Address at the Opening Ceremony of the 70th General Assembly of World University Service at Sharjah (UAE) on 12th December 1998;
  9. "Evolution of India’s Foreign Policy" - Lecture at the Indian History Congress, Patiala, India, on 30th December 1998;
  10. "Governance of India" - 16th P.C.Lal Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, India, on 23rd February 1999;
  11. "A Demographic Future of India" - Fourth J.R.D.Tata Memorial Oration in New Delhi on 15th January 1999;
  12. Inaugural address at the "Global Conference on Building a Worldwide Movement for Democracy" in New Delhi on 14th February 1999.
  13. Address, on behalf of the Civil Society Representatives, at the Inaugural Session of 'Asian Parliamentarians' Conference for Peace and Cooperation', at Dhaka, on September 1, 1999.
  14. "Challenges of a Globalized World : Finding New Directions" Key-note address at the Seminar organised by the United Nations Information Centre, in New Delhi, on 16th September, 1999
  15. Panjab University Convocation Address on 17th October 1999 at Chandigarh.
  16. 'Third Way' and Emerging Countries, Address by Mr.I.K. Gujral, former Prime Minister of India, at the 11th International Symposium, organised by the Constitutional Democratic Rally, Republic of Tunisia, on 5th November, 1999.
  17. "Education - The Challenging Realities" Lecture at the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, on 24th November 1999.
  18. "The Saint Dnyaneshwara and Saint Shree Tukaram Endowment Lecture" at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, on 24th November 1999.
  19. "Crisis of Governance", R.N. Malhotra Memorial Lecture, on 16th February 2000, in New Delhi.
  20. "Challenges Facing India", Lecture at the World Affairs Council, Wilmington, Delware, USA, on 7th March, 2000.

Latest Articles

  1. "The World Summit on Social Development - Making A Difference in the New Millennium" - Article contributed to the Special Issue of the International Social Sciences Journal on Policy Options for Social Development.
  2. "Culture, Religion and Governance - A look at the culture of Public Service" - Paper contributed to the International Symposium entitled : Democracy and the Rule of Law" organised by the Law Library of Congress and the New York University School of Law, USA, [March, 2000].
  3. "International Relations in an Inequituous World"
  4. "Bonds are Many between India and Italy"
  5. "The Jinxed White House of Moscow"
  6. "Indian Diplomacy - Its Tasks and Challenges"